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EstateExec does not endorse external services, but here are some additional resources you may find useful:

Dealing with Grief

  • Grief.com — Extensive site dedicated to handling grief
  • Mayo Clinic — Short advice piece on handling grief
  • Mesothelioma Center — Coping with the loss of a loved one, with some specifics about cancer
  • GriefShare.org — In-person or online groups to work through grief and loss
  • BetterHelp.com — Online access to licensed, professional therapists

Online Memorials

Legal Assistance

Financial Assistance

Finding Assets

Assessing Value

General End-of-Life Resources

  • Canadian Funerals — Funeral guide and directory of providers
  • GoodTrust — Various tools to assist with end-of-life concerns, including services for resolving online accounts post-death
  • SevenPonds — Extensive site dedicated to all aspects of end-of-life

Executor Handbooks

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