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EstateExec has been designed to be easy to use, and offers several ways to obtain assistance.

General Help

The Canadian version of EstateExec provides a rich assortment of online help, ranging from automatically customized tasks for your individual estate, to the general Executor Guide you are currently reading, to the EstateExec Reference Manual for help with using the software. And the EstateExec FAQ contains answers to frequently asked questions.

Free Technical Support

If you have a question about using the EstateExec software itself, please check the above resources or contact support@EstateExec.com.

Guided Start

We also offer a Guided Start package for $179 which provides one hour of personalized assistance from one of our expert consultants. The consultant can explain the basics of EstateExec, help you understand how to best use EstateExec given your situation, and can help you enter data (including basic estate information, assets, debts, cashflow, and more). You can do this all in one sitting, or split your time into 2 sessions so you can gather relevant information that may be needed for data entry. Learn More...

If you have a question about a legal matter, it can be helpful to talk to an experienced lawyer. EstateExec has partnered with companies that can help you with legal advice as needed, at a price far below what you would normally have to pay to retain a lawyer.


JustAnswer is a subscription service that allows you to pay a modest monthly fee to get answers to your legal questions as they arise. Simply type your question online, and get matched with a relevant expert. You can talk, text, chat, even send documents and photos for review.

JustAnswer costs $1 to join and $55/month - significantly less than retaining a lawyer, and you can cancel any time. Founded in 2003, JustAnswer has a star-studded executive team and Board, including Board Member Charles Schwab.

To get started, just type your question in the chat window below. Please note that this service is for legal questions only ... see below for support using the EstateExec software.

Chat window

My Friendly Lawyer

My Friendly Lawyer (MFL) started as an Insurance Brokerage offering full legal insurance as a product among other insurance products. In 2019 they changed focus to help those that need legal advice by providing direct toll-free telephone access to their network of vetted lawyers.

The MFL service includes unlimited access for all your legal questions. Their network of 1000+ experienced lawyers are always available on the phone to provide the right legal advice when the time is right for you.

You can pay only $5/month ($59.99 for the year) and:

  • Call anytime (24x7x365)
  • Unlimited phone calls
  • No caps on durations of calls
  • Need more legal help? Sign up with My Friendly Lawyer and receive 25% off vetted experienced lawyers' hourly rates

Discount $$:  Licensed EstateExec users qualify for a 10% discount.

Please note that this service is for legal questions only ... see below for support using the EstateExec software.

Other Services

EstateExec offers other services as well: please see Available Services.

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