EstateExec™ Partner Programs

EstateExec is an online service that helps estate executors perform their duties. Every year, more than 3M people die in the US and Canada, and by law their estates must be settled, with this responsibility often falling to a family member. Although the primary user of EstateExec is the estate executor, it's also common for the original estate owner to purchase a license in advance of his or her death, to make the executor's job easier.

Web Site Affiliates

If you operate a web site that attracts visitors who may need EstateExec, you can place a link on your site and make money when referred users purchase an EstateExec license.

  1. Contact your existing EstateExec rep, or email, and request an affiliate referral code.
  2. Upon acceptance to the program, you will be given an HTML link which you can place on your web site (in as many places as desired) to refer traffic to EstateExec.
  3. When someone clicks one of your links and visits EstateExec for his or her first time, you will receive credit if he or she directly licenses an estate within the next 30 days
  4. For every such license, you will be credited with a referral commission. Payment is made monthly, as long as you have generated at least $100 in unpaid referral fees


If your customers commonly include executors (e.g., you work for a law office, you provide estate accounting services, you buy and sell probate-related real estate, you run a general executor assistance service, etc.), you can distinguish yourself by providing customers and prospects with helpful access to EstateExec.

You can either distribute full EstateExec license codes, or individual discount codes. You can give away your pre-purchased codes for free as part of a promotion, or include them in the value added services you provide. If you are distributing full licenses (as opposed to discount codes), you can even sell them directly at a markup over your cost.

  1. Contact your existing EstateExec rep, or email, and request a distributor referral code.
  2. Tell us whether you're interested in distributing discount codes, or full license codes.
  3. Upon acceptance to the program, purchase as many estate codes as you want, and distribute them to your users as desired.

Resource Providers

If you operate an executor service of some sort (e.g., estate sales, appraisals, legal services, general assistance, etc.), you can apply for listing within EstateExec. There is no charge for such a listing, but offering a discount for EstateExec customers is highly encouraged.

  1. Contact your existing EstateExec rep, or email
  2. Tell us briefly about your business, and the geographic area you serve. It's helpful if you belong to a credentialed organization, such as the ABA, or the ASA.
  3. Upon approval, EstateExec will list your service in the Guide and/or relevant tasks.