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An estate executor (also known as a personal representative, administrator, or trustee) is someone legally responsible for settling a deceased person's estate (see general statistics on estate settlement). Serving as an estate executor is considered by many to be an unspoken rite of financial passage: a significant undertaking, but a key step in life.

Whether it's your first time serving as an executor, or you're a professional estate attorney, EstateExec online software can help you organize the process and communicate with everyone involved.

Think of EstateExec for estate settlement as Quicken® is for personal finance management. It can't do it for you, but it can provide great assistance (see Why use EstateExec?):

Come join the many other executors who already rely on EstateExec. Ask a question of the community, save money on services, easily manage your estate. We know it's tough to serve as an executor, and we're here to help. You are not alone!

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"Ease the burden of being an executor of an estate" — New York Times

"Tremendous ease of use, seems to have thought of everything a person might want to do!" — Catherine O.

"One of the top legal products reviewed [across all categories]" — TL NewsWire

"Saved me thousands of dollars within the first 2 months" — Greg I.

"Saves estate executors time and money ...
" — Retirement Living

"Thank you for creating this site ... truly a life saver." — Chrissy K.

"Very helpful ... you are a hero to me" — Steve L.

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"Extremely helpful and exceptionally well thought-out!" — Alan R.

"A Cinderella fit ... our firm has hit a home run! 
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"Will be recommending it to my clients that are acting as personal representatives of an estate." — Zachary W.

"Thank you so much for your dedication to developing this site ... invaluable!" — Jack S.

"Streamline administrative and financial tasks" —

"I was midway into the process and still felt it was worthwhile to purchase ...
" — Christine O.

"Saved hundreds: I would have had to dump receipts and logs on lawyer's desk (and he charges $200/hour!)" — Carl W.

"What a wealth of information ... screams QUALITY at every click of the mouse!" — Bob N.

"I couldn't have done this without EstateExec ...
" — Helen S.

"I spent 6 hours trying to customize a spreadsheet for estate accounting. I finally gave up: EstateExec has everything needed!" — Carl W.

"On-the-fly reports via sorting and filtering enable you to answer any question you might have" — TechnoLawyer

"Helped me look for unclaimed property that let me find some surprise funds! — Karen T.

"Worth 10X the cost ... huge help!  
" — Donna K.

"What an absolutely amazing tool! You rock!" — Joanne J.


EstateExec costs only ${{price}} per estate (one payment), with access guaranteed for at least 5 years.

You can also optionally download transactions from your bank for ${{price_import}}/year (first year included free in your estate license).

When you consider the time EstateExec will save you, and that the average estate spends >$12K on legal and accounting fees, it's a fantastic bargain. Plus, EstateExec can be deducted as an estate expense.

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Privacy and Security

We have a simple privacy policy: your data is private. Consequently, all information is encrypted between your browser and our servers, your data is encrypted while on our servers, and we do NOT sell or rent any customer information to third parties: see our Privay Policy for details.

Special Programs

EstateExec makes our services available for free to the families of fallen officers; see Law Enforcement Program for details.


EstateExec, based in Silicon Valley, is the leading provider of estate executor software tools. Launched in 2015, the company’s mission is to move the executor process forward from the 18th century to the 21st century, helping executors automatically track and manage estate resolution, along the way making it possible to easily collaborate and share access to estate details with heirs, attorneys, or co-executors. Using EstateExec saves substantial time, often thousands of dollars, and reduces risk.

EstateExec was founded by Dan Stickel to support US estates, and now supports Canadian estates as well. Dan is long-time tech executive with responsibilities for $ billions in revenue, including a multi-year stint at Google, a multi-degree Harvard graduate, ... and someone who served as an executor for each of his parents in turn. EstateExec is produced by Judy's Applications, headquarted in San Jose California. Judy's Applications has a reputation for top quality software, and has been the recipient of hundreds of industry awards.

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