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EstateExec is designed to be easy to use, and includes extensive documentation organized into the following main categories:

Answers to Common Questions

How do I get started?

Just create an estate and start entering information: the EstateExec Getting Started Wizard will help you begin. [See more at Getting Started...]

How do I purchase an EstateExec license?

To license an EstateExec estate, create or open the desired estate, then click the "License Now" button on the Overview tab and follow the instructions. If there is no blue License button in the top right, you have already purchased a license for this estate. [See more at License Estate...]

What's the best way to create a printed list of assets (or other data)?

Every table has a menu in its top right corner. Click the menu icon and export to PDF format, which will open a PDF document in a new browser tab, or download the PDF automatically, depending on your browser. You also have the option to create an Inventory Report using the Estate Actions dropdown on the Estate Overview tab. [See more at Print or Export...]

How can I export EstateExec data into another tool, such as Excel?

Every table has a menu in its top right corner. Click the menu icon and export to CSV format, which will download a file to your computer that Excel (and other tools) can read. [See more at Table Export...]

How do I distribute an asset to multiple heirs?

You can make a partial distribution of an asset to an heir. On the Distributions tab, click the Create button, and in the top right of the Distribution dialog that appears, click the "Partial" checkbox in the top right. Fill out the percentage of the asset that the given heir should receive. [See more at Partial Asset Distributions...]

My attorney and I both have the estate open in our browsers; why can't he see changes I am making?

Multiple people (to whom you have given permission) can simultaneously view estate contents. However, changes you make are not saved to the server until you press the "Save All" button, and will not be visible to other people until they refresh their browser window (press F5 on the PC, Cmd-R on the Mac). [See more at Share Access...]

I have an estate open in multiple browser tabs; why don't changes I make in one tab appear in the others?

Changes you make in one browser tab are not saved until you press the "Save All" button, and will not be visible in other browser tabs until you refresh them (press F5 on the PC, Cmd-R on the Mac). In order to avoid inadvertently working with stale data, it is not recommended that you have the same estate open in multiple browser windows or tabs while you are making changes.

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