Probate Application Form Service

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EstateExec is designed to be easy to use, and includes links to available probate forms that you can fill out yourself if probate is required.

Even so, we understand that if probate is required, you may wish to have a lawyer represent you in court, and have him or her handle the preparation of these forms.  In such cases, EstateExec's online sharing capability can enable you to work together to improve efficiency, and to enable you to focus on the many other aspects of estate settlement.

However you choose to approach it, you can also choose to have EstateExec fill out your probate application forms if desired.

Probate Application Form Service

For straightforward estates with no major complications, EstateExec can prepare your probate application forms for $395 (other form-preparation services charge thousands of dollars).

An EstateExec expert will contact you to gather the required information, prepare the application forms for the relevant court, and email them to you in PDF format. Please note that these forms are intended to support your application to be appointed as executor: you will likely have to submit other forms throughout the probate process, but this service is intended only for the initial application.

Once you purchase the preparation package, we will contact you to arrange for your initial consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts.

This service can be incredibly helpful, but please keep in mind that this a productivity accelerator (not a legal service), that no one can guarantee your application will be successful (not even a full-fledged lawyer representing you in court), and that the court may require you to make changes to the prepared forms.

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