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Settling an estate typically requires a significant amount of work, and it's not uncommon to begin to feel overwhelmed, almost allowing this work to take over your life.

It's our mission to help you avoid that.

Serving as an executor requires following the law, but also applying one's judgment... the law doesn't cover every conceivable circumstance, some situations are not straightforward, and in any case, there are numerous decisions to be made. While you must always act in the best interests of the estate, most states require you to act as a "reasonable, prudent individual" — not Superman (see Fiduciary Duty).

In terms of software operation, EstateExec is designed to be easy to use, and its automated hint system will guide you through the use of the more advanced features as you need them.

While you may not need to know the details of every capability, knowledge of the following basic aspects of EstateExec can nevertheless be quite useful, and make your use of EstateExec even easier and smoother:

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